Every child deserves exceptional healthcare

Say Hello to Empathy-Powered Healing! Our App makes hospital visits a breeze for kids. Engaging videos, clear explanations, and smiles all around. Join the revolution in pediatric care!

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Multiple age groups

A solution for kids of all ages, we tailor our content to ensure kids are entertained and understand their situation


From Asthma to Zygomycosis, we aim to be the most comprehensive companion for pediatricians


Not everyone speaks the same language as their doctor, our content is available in the most popular languages in each region

Meet the team

Bernice Walter

Bernice Walter

The doctor who started it all, Bernice is relentless in her pursuit of helping kids get the best healthcare

Maike Seifert

Maike Seifert

The brains behind the entire operation, Maike brings a wealth of business knowledge to keep us on track

Fiona Walter

Fiona Walter

Our budding data analyst, Fiona makes sure we're making good decisions based on sound data

Aquib Master

Aquib Master

Our resident software engineer with almost 10 years of experience, Aquib is building our web and mobile apps

Our Journey

March 2023

An idea is born

After another tough day on the job, Bernice realised the kids she was working with weren't quite getting the whole picture regarding their situation. She found herself thinking, if only there was an app for that! After a long drive to Amsterdam to visit Fiona and Keeb, she shared her idea with them and they were immediately on board.
June 2023

Avengers Assemble!

Of course Bernice cannot found a company without having her best friend involved, luckily she also happens to be a business whiz specialising in Finance.
July 2023

We're accepted into the FACE@RUB accelerator

Not knowing where to start, we sought help from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. We were accepted into the FACE@RUB accelerator where we were coached on pitching and further developing our idea.
August 2023

Idea contest winners!

We entered our idea into the GUIDE - Business Idea Competition 2023. After a passionate pitch by Bernice, we walked away with second place. This gave us our first Є1,000 to get started and invaluable connections in the startup world.
October 2023

Salon des Créateurs winners!

We had an amazing idea but not the design & animation skills required to bring it to life. On a whim, we decided to enter the Salon des Créateurs and won the top prize! This gave us a Є5,000 grant to work with a design agency and move the idea forward.
January 2024

HippoCare takes shape

Our partnership with BACHMANN brand agency & consulting has helped us develop a clear vision for HippoCare and an initial design of the app that pediatric surgeons will be using soon!

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